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7 August 2014
TelecomTV talk small cell backhaul with CBNL

CBNL doubles mobile backhaul capacity for LTE networks TelecomTV interviews CBNL’s CTO, Dr John Naylon, at the Small Cells World Summit 2015.

The interview asks:

How are operators leveraging existing backhaul capabilities?

- What new solutions are being introduced to cope with increase in data traffic?

- How can backhaul increase speed and reliability of networks?

- What role do you see for small cell beyond 4G into 5G?

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A quick guide to PMP

A quick guide: modern point-to-multipoint microwave networks

- Understanding how point-to-multipoint wireless backhaul and access solutions improve telecommunication network capacity and efficiency.

Our new quick guide to PMP microwave provides an introduction to the technology, looks at how and why it is used, and lists our top ten myth busting facts.

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Backhaul and beyond blog

26 June 2014

Dr John Naylon, Chief Technology Officer, CBNL


At first it doesn’t seem like modern transmission technology and accommodation booking would have many similarities!


In the abstract, however, they do share one key characteristic: the ability to dynamically reallocate resources according to demand.