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In the news

In the news

skyline of Lagos, Nigeria

The world’s largest African tech event, AfricaCom, is next week and CBNL is gearing up to discuss how fixed wireless access (FWA) is poised to replace legacy copper infrastructure in Africa. And also by using the mmWave spectrum bands,to deliver the first 5G commercial networks.

Already a $5.7B annual market in Africa, the Fixed Broadband market continues to grow at 10 per cent per annum. Crucially, point-to-multipoint FWA is quick to deploy, highly cost-effective and holds the potential to have an immediate and positive impact in Africa.

CBNL believes it could be the transformational technology enabling the rollout of high-speed broadband for the whole continent, as well as a significant new revenue opportunity for operators.

CBNL wins a 2018 World Communications Award for its Smart City deployment in Poland. The platform is a city-wide network powered by 26GHz point-to-multipoint technology and supports full smart city functionality.

The judges said the deployment was....."A very solid and effective programme to deliver the connectivity performance that smart cities need, and an interesting blueprint for 5G in the double-digit GHz bands.”

CBNL provided:-
- high capacity coverage across the entire city of up to 300Mbps uplink and 300Mbps downlink.
- 500+ free Wi-Fi hot spots
- every public education facility received broadband of up to 200Mbps.
- 400 CCTV cameras, 54 traffic lights and 195 traffic information displays created a safer and more efficient transport system.

Rzeszów’s approach to municipal connectivity has transformed the city.

This article is in Spanish. Contact us at for a copy of the English transcript.

Para que las ciudades de Argentina sean sustentables, primero deben ser inteligentes

¿Qué te viene a la mente cuando piensas en la sustentabilidad? ¿Cómo frenar la contaminación? ¿Está prohibiendo los desechos industriales? ¿Filtrando plástico del océano? ¿Un impuesto sobre las bolsas de plástico para fomentar su reutilización? Puede ser todo o nada de lo anterior, pero es poco probable que sean redes inalámbricas.

New market report: The outlook for FWA in a 5G world

With the pending launch of the first 5G commercial networks in the US, the fixed wireless access (FWA) market has heated up considerably. The expectation is that the first 5G commercial networks will be fixed wireless networks using the mmWave spectrum bands.

The bands that CBNL pay the most attention to and have developed solutions for, both in the US and internationally, are between 10 GHz and 40 GHz. The bands between 24 GHz and 47 GHz are really what the FCC has set up to support 5G strategies and allow the operators to begin their deployments in earnest,” said James Childs, VP of US Strategy for Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited, or CBNL.

A smart city case study for mmWave

As with 3G and 4G that came before it, much of the anticipation of 5G surrounds its numerous advanced mobile applications. However, for the first time, 5G could also transform Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) – a term that refers to the connection of two or more fixed locations (such as buildings) using a wireless network. Differing from a 5G mobile network in that the endpoints don’t move, 5G FWA is touted to deliver throughput, latency and reliability equivalent to fibre, at a lower cost. With such an attractive proposition, it’s no surprise that the use cases for 5G FWA are endless.

CBNL's mmWave FWA makes shortlist of World Communications Awards

CBNL's mmWave FWA makes shortlist of World Communications Awards for pioneering smart city deployment in Poland

CBNL says it is able to support all mmWave bands from 24-40 GHz

....... watching the FCC’s upcoming 28 GHz auction and subsequently the 24 GHz auction is Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL), which has been working in the fixed wireless access and millimeter wave space for more than 10 years. CBNL, an early pioneer in millimeter wave, says it’s unique in that it’s able to support all mmWave bands from 24-40 GHz with deployments across FCC and ETSI-targeted bands.

VanillaPlus managing editor George Malim reports from CBNL's roundtable to discuss the findings of their research and the prospects for fixed wireless access in the era of virtualisation and 5G

Vodafone Watch speaks to Dr. John Naylon, CTO and founder of CBNL, about development of the company's wireless equipment vendor’s account with Vodafone, and how it is evolving its high‑band product portfolio as operators move towards general-purpose networks and 5G.

How high frequencies offer a transformational path to 5G backhaul and fixed wireless 

CBNL’s CTO, Dr John Naylon, talks to TeleSemana about the company’s Mobile World Congress announcements, progress in Latin America and 5G vision.

With 25 pre-5G millimeter wave networks built by CBNL across the US over the last 18 months, Dr John Naylon, CTO and founder of CBNL, shares his insights on the economics of 5G and how carriers will look to make the business case for investment.