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In the news

In the news

Page 96: Lionel Chmilewsky, CEO at CBNL, talks to Rahiel Nasir, Editorial Director at African Wireless Communications Yearbook, about the latest trends in backhaul.

CBNL is featured in page 21 of Southern African Wireless Communications, which discussed that despite the prospect of fibre, small cells and high throughput satellites as wireless backhaul technologies, microwave’s power is unlikely to diminish over the foreseeable future. 

- Windstream to deploy CBNL’s VectaStar 39GHz licensed PMP radios and utilize Straight Path’s 39GHz spectrum to rapidly extend its metro fiber networks 

Dr John Naylon, CTO and founder of CBNL, talks to Land Mobile about the latest trends in backhaul. 

CBNL’s CTO, Dr John Naylon, speaks to Communications Africa to discuss how wireless backhaul technologies can enable operators to work efficiently in increasingly data-driven markets.

Mark Ashford, VP North America at CBNL, analyses the implications of the recent FCC 5G spectrum order.

CBNL talk to RCR Wireless in their new report presenting an overview of the latest tower technology and tower investment trends.

Mark Ashford, VP North America at CBNL, talks to RCR Wireless about how last-mile wireless infrastructure is set to see a growing influence from the use of millimeter-wave spectrum bands to meet ‘5G’ needs.

Mark Ashford, VP North America, CBNL, discusses how wireless backhaul is leveraging untapped high frequency spectrum to offer more efficient strategies to scale network capacity.

Addressing the key challenges facing the mobile industry, experts from EE, Telefonica Europe, CBNL, Small Cell Forum, Real Wireless and Strategy Analytics pointed to the need to densify networks to handle growing data traffic and of getting the most out of existing infrastructure, as well as preparing the way for 5G. Wireless Magazine reports...