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Press releases

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31 August 2016

- Cellcom to accelerate LTE densification by adopting CBNL’s 28GHz licensed point-to-multipoint as a backhaul component for its outdoor small cell strategy

CBNL has today announced that Cellcom, an innovative wireless company that serves its customer base throughout Wisconsin and Michigan, has selected its 28GHz VectaStar platform as a backhaul solution for their outdoor small cell strategy, increasing capacity and coverage of their LTE services.

26 July 2016

- Carrier network utilizes CBNL’s licensed point-to-multipoint to reduce dependence on leased fiber and become a forerunner in commercializing millimeter wave for future 5G fixed wireless 

CBNL has today announced that First Communications, a leading technology solutions provider for over 35,000 businesses throughout the Midwest, has launched a new fixed wireless network in Ohio utilizing their VectaStar solution.

The network represents the first VectaStar licensed PMP deployment in Ohio, pioneering the use of higher frequency to create a more efficient business case for carrier-grade fixed wireless. 

01 June 2016

- New customers given simple route to refresh legacy PMP networks with the latest carrier-grade VectaStar technology

- Up to $500 trade-in credit available for each legacy PMP outdoor unit (ODU) migrated to VectaStar

- Program runs from 1 June 2016 – 1 September 2016

CBNL has today launched their 2016 PMP trade-in and modernisation program that provides new customers with a simple and cost effective route to modernise legacy PMP networks.

Under the program, new CBNL customers can earn up to $500 trade-in credit for each legacy PMP ODU they migrate to the latest VectaStar technology.

06 April 2016

- First deployments of CBNL’s 39GHz solution open up potential of millimeter wave to transform last mile capacity in every US major city

- Launch coincides with opening of live VectaStar demo network in New York

CBNL has today announced the launch of its 39GHz VectaStar variant – broadening the platform into millimeter wave. As spectrum becomes an increasingly scarce resource, CBNL’s new solution unlocks the huge potential of millimeter wave to offer a more efficient route to transform last mile throughput to multiple Gigabits per second (Gbps).

16 February 2016

- Densification and maximising existing assets will play a vital part of operators’ strategies

Densification and maximising existing infrastructure will be essential in tackling capacity issues and progressing towards 5G, according to industry experts from EE, Telefonica Europe, CBNL, Small Cell Forum, Real Wireless and Strategy Analytics. 

With global mobile data traffic expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 57 per cent from 2014 to 2019, operators are under tremendous pressure to increase capacity.

As they search for solutions, executives from some of the world’s leading telecoms companies came together to discuss how to address customer requirements and prepare for 5G.