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Workshop - VectaStar Network Planning Tool

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Workshop - VectaStar Network Planning Tool

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The aim of this workshop is to outline the key features of CBNL’s Proprietary VectaStar Lifecycle Modelling tool. The tool is a bespoke expert system designed to provide network planning, analysis and auditing of a typical VectaStar Network all on a single platform. Key features include Basic Network Design, Audit Functions, Optimisation Analysis, Project Management.

Who should attend? 

Planning Engineers who will be working with CBNL’s VectaStar Lifecycle Modelling Tool.

CBNL Nigeria Centre of Excellence, Lagos
Course duration 
2 days
What will I learn? 
  • Complete RF Planning including creating a network manually and from a set of coordinates.
  • Analysing sector capacity
  • Analysing interference
  • Optimising AP downtilt
  • Auditing site links
  • Generating site documentation
  • Coverage plots.

Existing VectaStar experience of Microwave PMP Planning/working in the Field or NOC and preferably a VST-ENG certification.


The course is designed to act as a refresher.

Equipment required