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CCA Annual Convention Fierce Wireless breakfast

CCA Annual Convention Fierce Wireless breakfast
Tuesday, 2 October, 2018
Orlando, Florida

A driving force in the development of the initial 5G standards was a desire to use millimeter-wave spectrum bands for super high-speed, high-bandwidth applications.

And now, as the FCC gears up to kickstart its first-ever auction of millimeter-wave spectrum, it’s time to assess the future of the millimeter-wave swell. How might the upcoming auctions play out, and what kinds of prices should bidders expect? What kinds of deployment strategies might millimeter-wave carriers engage in? And perhaps most importantly, what revenue-generating services can millimeter-wave transmissions support?

CBNL has been invited to join the panel and offer up its considerable experience of developing PMP wireless networks in the mmWave frequency ranges to the debate.

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