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Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress
26 - 01 March 2018
Barcelona, Spain

As the world leader in point-to-multipoint (PMP) microwave and millimetre wave, we’re excited to showcase our latest technology at Mobile World Congress 2018.


View the VectaStar demo

The CBNL booth will host a demo of our new channel bonded solution, quickly scaling capacities to Gbps+ in urban areas of high demand. 

On top of VectaStar’s ability to scale hub sites to 14.4Gbps, it continues to deliver 50% cost savings and a 1.8x higher ROI over point-to-point. 


Residential access solution 

CBNL will also showcase our new solution, which intelligently extends VectaStar networks through a software-managed local access layer. 

By combining a licensed, millimetre wave middle mile with an unlicensed edge, CBNL can serve FTTH-class connectivity to individual homes at an unprecedentedly low build cost. Come and see how on our booth.


Arrange a demo and meeting

Contact to arrange a meeting with the CBNL executive team.


CBNL booth

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