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Webinar: What to do until the fibre arrives – profitable backhaul strategies for today’s market

Webinar: What to do until the fibre arrives – profitable backhaul strategies for today’s market
Wednesday, 16 May, 2012
Find out how operators gain through a hybrid backhaul strategy of high-capacity wireless multipoint and fibre to deliver a superior financial return on investment and satisfy data hungry customers.

Date: 16 May 15.00 (BST)


Fibre is technically the best backhaul technology for mobile networks - yet transition is complex, time-consuming and extremely expensive. The densification of mobile networks with smaller cells is even making some operators rethink their fibre backhaul strategy altogether.

Building a wireless/fibre hybrid backhaul solution can cost-effectively pursue a long-term fibre commitment while still meeting immediate backhaul needs.

Join Monica Paolini, Founder and President Senza Fili and Lance Hiley, VP Marketing at CBNL to find out:

  • How cashflow compares across fibre, leased fibre and wireless backhaul over a ten year period
  • The CAPEX and OPEX savings operators can make by deploying wireless initially and gradually deploying to fibre
  • How developed and emerging market costs compare
  • What are some of the strategies that operators are considering for hybrid networks.

This cost analysis is vital for operators that:

  • Operate in emerging and developed markets, with different fibre costs and availability
  • Plan to build their own fibre network, or to lease fibre links as a medium to long term backhaul strategy
  • Require higher-capacity backhaul, or plan to expand their network to new macro cell sites or small cells.

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