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In the news

In the news

CBNL’s CTO, Dr John Naylon, talks to TeleSemana about the company’s Mobile World Congress announcements, progress in Latin America and 5G vision.

With 25 pre-5G millimeter wave networks built by CBNL across the US over the last 18 months, Dr John Naylon, CTO and founder of CBNL, shares his insights on the economics of 5G and how carriers will look to make the business case for investment.

Kurian Manjakkal, CBNL’s Head of Sales for APAC, talks to TelecomsAsia about the potential of point-to-multipoint microwave to accelerate 4G in Vietnam.

Get a sneak peak of what Dr. John Naylon, CTO & Founder, CBNL will be talking about during his presentation in the 5G Beyond the Hype: Value and Building Blocks session at MWC on Monday 27 February 16:15.

CBNL's CEO, Lionel Chmilewsky, speaks to Africa Tech Round-Up podcast about CBNL's growth in the region and the latest market trends.

CBNL CEO, Lionel Chmilewsky, speaks to Africa Review about how wireless technology is revolutionising internet connectivity across the continent. 

CBNL's CTO and founder, Dr John Naylon, talks to Developing Telecoms to share the trends he expects to see play out during 2017.

Page 96: Lionel Chmilewsky, CEO at CBNL, talks to Rahiel Nasir, Editorial Director at African Wireless Communications Yearbook, about the latest trends in backhaul.

CBNL is featured in page 21 of Southern African Wireless Communications, which discussed that despite the prospect of fibre, small cells and high throughput satellites as wireless backhaul technologies, microwave’s power is unlikely to diminish over the foreseeable future. 

- Windstream to deploy CBNL’s VectaStar 39GHz licensed PMP radios and utilize Straight Path’s 39GHz spectrum to rapidly extend its metro fiber networks 

Dr John Naylon, CTO and founder of CBNL, talks to Land Mobile about the latest trends in backhaul. 

CBNL’s CTO, Dr John Naylon, speaks to Communications Africa to discuss how wireless backhaul technologies can enable operators to work efficiently in increasingly data-driven markets.