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Part of the Phenomenon

Part of the Phenomenon
‘The Cambridge Phenomenon’, launched on 8 May 2012At CBNL we are proud to have been part of the Cambridge technology cluster since we were formed over a decade ago.
This vibrant community of entrepreneurial companies has recently been the focus of a new book entitled ‘The Cambridge Phenomenon’ which we are delighted and honoured to be a Patron of.

‘The Cambridge Phenomenon’, launched on 8 May, is a portrait of one of the world’s most enterprising clusters of technology businesses and describes the explosion of technology, life sciences and service companies that has occurred in the city since 1960.

Even in the years since we were formed, few could have imagined how drastically our industry would change.

From our base in Cambridge we have worked to expand our operations worldwide and being part of this world-renowned local technology cluster has helped us in this quest.

As we collectively enjoy a celebration of our past and the history surrounding us, we are looking boldly towards the future and what it may hold as Cambridge, and the brilliance housed within it, continues to lead the way.

Challenging the status quo, driving towards ambitious targets and consistently looking for effective solutions to problems - it is this attitude that has fostered the phrase ‘the Cambridge Phenomenon’ and we are proud to have played a part.

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