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TelecomTV: Small Cell Backhaul

TelecomTV: Small Cell Backhaul
Small cells are set to play a central role in the network densification required to meet an almost endless demand for mobile data.
But does this move the capacity bottleneck elsewhere? What about the backhaul?

This is the focus of TelecomTV’s latest film on small cell backhaul where CBNL and Ciena provide industry insight.

TelecomTV put forward the proposal that small cell backhaul costs need to come in bit for bit at one tenth the cost of a macro site.

This begs the question ‘Can industry meet this?’ and ‘How can vendor’s lower backhaul costs and deliver the network capacity and efficiency gains required?’

TelecomTV ask these questions with CBNL and Ciena providing insight to future small cell deployment and the important role wireless can play.




The film outlines how backhaul can be shrunk in step with the cell equipment, the opportunities for independent 3rd party backhaul operators and the suitability of wireless point-to-multipoint microwave for small cell backhaul.

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