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CBNL offers 14.4Gb/s backhaul capacity with new wireless solution

CBNL offers 14.4Gb/s backhaul capacity with new wireless solution
04 November 2014

- CBNL’s platform upgrade extends significantly hub site capacity and range to equip operators with highly flexible LTE backhaul and enterprise access connectivity.

CBNL, the global leader in point-to-multipoint (PMP) microwave networks, has today announced the launch of the latest update to its market-leading VectaStar platform, which increases hub site capacity to 14.4Gb/s and improves its maximum range to 20km – an improvement of up to 50 per cent.

The latest VectaStar innovations provides operators with the capacity to backhaul even the most modern LTE services, as well as efficiently scale their networks to manage the 10× global growth in mobile data forecast by 2019.

The new performance and range of VectaStar hub sites will also enable operators to increase the number of businesses and residences they serve with fixed connectivity, whilst providing the total cost of ownership savings and business case to invest in new services.

The evolution of VectaStar has been achieved through improvements across the platform, including a greater portfolio of antennas, intelligent software and increased radio controller throughput.

The new functionality enables each hub site to deliver 12 sectors of area coverage.

Each sector provides 1.2Gb/s, utilising the new VectaStar wideband radio in a 2+0 configuration.

CBNL’s platform innovation is complimented by new functionality within its network modelling software which can predict traffic patterns, provide detailed site analysis and report on performance data.

This enables CBNL’s expert planning team to work with operators over the lifetime of a network to ensure successful deployment, cost effective scaling and long term commercial success.

Lionel Chmilewsky, Chief Executive Officer, CBNL, said,

“Today’s market offers operators a huge opportunity. The race is on to gain a competitive edge in the LTE market, whilst increasing coverage of carrier-grade connectivity to enterprises. 

"By utilising CBNL’s highly efficient VectaStar solution, operators will be able to meet the demand for greater connectivity and profit from the 50 per cent total cost of ownership savings the platform offers.

"We expect VectaStar to play a central role in the future of operators’ networks and build CBNL’s position as the market leader in PMP microwave.”

CBNL will be in attendance at AfricaCom in Cape Town from 11th – 13th November - for more information about VectaStar or if you are interested in meeting at the show, please contact Chris Wright.