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CBNL sees huge market opportunity for FWA to replace copper in Africa


The world’s largest African tech event, AfricaCom, is next week and CBNL is gearing up to discuss how fixed wireless access (FWA) is poised to replace legacy copper infrastructure in Africa. And also by using the mmWave spectrum bands,to deliver the first 5G commercial networks.

Already a $5.7B annual market in Africa, the Fixed Broadband market continues to grow at 10 per cent per annum. Crucially, point-to-multipoint FWA is quick to deploy, highly cost-effective and holds the potential to have an immediate and positive impact in Africa.

CBNL believes it could be the transformational technology enabling the rollout of high-speed broadband for the whole continent, as well as a significant new revenue opportunity for operators.

skyline of Lagos, Nigeria