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CBNL wins 2018 World Communications Award


CBNL wins a 2018 World Communications Award for its Smart City deployment in Poland. The platform is a city-wide network powered by 26GHz point-to-multipoint technology and supports full smart city functionality.

The judges said the deployment was....."A very solid and effective programme to deliver the connectivity performance that smart cities need, and an interesting blueprint for 5G in the double-digit GHz bands.”

CBNL provided:-
- high capacity coverage across the entire city of up to 300Mbps uplink and 300Mbps downlink.
- 500+ free Wi-Fi hot spots
- every public education facility received broadband of up to 200Mbps.
- 400 CCTV cameras, 54 traffic lights and 195 traffic information displays created a safer and more efficient transport system.

Rzeszów’s approach to municipal connectivity has transformed the city.