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Fixed Wireless Access approaches its tipping point


“We think concatenated networks are really likely. That’s where you have a licensed middle mile - which gives you most of the quality you need - and you then use unlicensed spectrum at the edge where you need to distribute signal to the final few homes at minimal cost.

“With this approach there’s no additional spectrum costs and there’s no scaling problem since you just want to cover a very small area with unlicensed where there’s unlikely to be any interference problem.

“That seems to us like a good model and we’ve seen one wireless operator in the US where they have 25 thousand subscribers on a network using 28 GHz licensed spectrum and 5 GHz unlicensed. You can mix and match so that you can use licensed spectrum to support business customers and then maybe unlicensed spectrum for consumers. The point is that different bands have genuinely different properties.”

5G FWA reaches its tipping point