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Quality policy

Quality policy

CBNL's vision is to transform the microwave and millimetre wave market with disruptive carrier-grade technologies that offer low cost and high performance to carrier, enterprise and residential customers.

Everyone at CBNL is focused on delivering that vision via the provision of high quality fixed wireless network solutions and services that meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

We are committed to satisfying all applicable requirements of statutory authorities and to complying with all applicable national and international laws and to meeting the stringent demands of our customers.

Our senior management believes that the way we do business, as described in our Business Management System ('BMS'), should address the needs of the company's customers, employees, shareholders and other interested parties.

The BMS incorporates the accumulated wisdom and experience of everyone in the company; it is appropriate, suitable and effective for CBNL and represents the best way we know how to run the business.

We continually improve the way we work which, in turn, affects the design, implementation and use of our BMS.

All our staff – and key third parties – are committed to following the BMS or, if any parts of it are not the best way to run the business, causing it to be updated to what we and our customers really need.


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