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04 September 2014
HetNet: preparing the transport network for the arrival of the small cells
07 November 2012
This webinar discusses the issues around multimode small cell deployment and why network operators need to embark on a clear long term strategy which incorporates them.
25 April 2012
Find out how to achieve superior Quality of Experience through efficient backhaul technologies. Watch a recording now.

White papers

31 October 2017
112Kb pdf
The CBNL UK Enterprise Broadband Index 2017 report is based on a survey of 200 businesses and highlights the gap between their connectivity demands and the services they receive.
01 June 2016
An independent study from Real Wireless into the total cost of ownership and time to breakeven of last mile data transport for MNOs and ISPs
18 February 2014
1,452Kb pdf
Understanding how point-to-multipoint wireless backhaul and access solutions improve telecommunication network capacity and efficiency.
30 May 2013
This paper takes stock of industry progress and provides our insight into what’s really driving small cell adoption, the backhaul requirements, best practices and a fundamental analysis of backhaul total cost of ownership.
20 August 2012
An overview of small cell deployment strategies, the implications for backhaul and the most suited solutions.
16 May 2012
An analysis of how mobile operators can lower backhaul Total Cost of Ownership by using wireless backhaul now, and investing in fibre later.
02 December 2011
This white paper analyses the spectral efficiencies of PTP and PMP architectures for mobile broadband backhaul. The analysis shows PMP increases spectral utilisation, resulting in a modal increase in net spectral efficiency of 50%.
08 November 2011
This white paper from Senza Fili provides a comparison of the key cost drivers across the most widely used backhaul solutions. The study demonstrates multipoint delivers a 49% cost saving over other forms of backhaul.
01 April 2011
This paper considers in detail the functions that are performed over the X2 in order to derive performance requirements for the transport networks which will need to carry it.
01 November 2010
585Kb pdf
This report was published by Innovation Observatory Ltd in 2010 and sponsored by Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited.
01 February 2010
2,093Kb pdf
This white paper contains the findings of independent research and analysis carried out by Informa Telecoms & Media between December 2009 and February 2010.
01 January 2008
421Kb pdf
Provides an overview of how VectaStar meets all of the absolute requirements the NGMN Optimised Backhaul Requirements specification and how it conforms to them.


05 December 2017
CBNL won two major awards in November 2017 for its ground-breaking 26GHz smart city project in Rzeszów, Poland.
01 August 2014
CBNL's CTO, John Naylon, discusses the evolution of backhaul networks with TelecomTV at the Small Cells World Summit 2014.
20 July 2014
Martyn Warwick from TelecomTV interviews CBNL’s CTO, Dr John Naylon, at the Small Cells World Summit.
20 February 2014
Telesemana discuss small cells at Mobile World Congress with CBNL, AT&T/Small Cell Forum and Alcatel-Lucent.
15 November 2013
We talk to Dr John Naylon, CTO of CBNL, who outlines some of the key trends from Africacom 2013 and the effect these could have on backhaul.
30 September 2013
CBNL CEO Lionel Chmilewsky and CTO Dr John Naylon discuss their highlighted from the 2013 Packet Microwave and Mobile Backhaul Forum.
30 September 2013
Dr John Naylon, CTO, CBNL, provides an overview of his presentation on "Exploiting SDN for high efficiency and resilience in multipoint microwave backhaul networks" and discuss his highlights from day 1.
27 June 2013
John Naylon, CTO at CBNL discusses the small cell backhaul market and cost considerations. Filmed at the Small Cells World Summit 2013.
27 June 2013
John Naylon, CTO at CBNL discusses how small cell backhaul varies between developed and emerging markets, and how this affects the technologies used. Filmed at the Small Cells World Summit 2013.
27 June 2013
Dr John Naylon, CTO, CBNL, discusses small cell backhaul and showcases the new VectaStar Metro product.
27 June 2013
Lionel Chmilewsky, CEO of CBNL, provides an outline the of company and introduces VectaStar Metro - our new small cell backhaul product which was launched at this years event.
03 July 2012
Julius Robson, Wireless Technology Specialist at CBNL and Lead for the NGMN Small Cell Backhaul Group, discusses the key findings from the NGMN’s 'Small Cell Backhaul Requirements' white paper.
03 July 2012
Dr John Naylon, Chief Technology Officer at CBNL, discusses the key requirements for small cell backhaul and the importance of wireless technologies in meeting these.
13 April 2012
In this film we visit Telefonica O2 who discuss their superfast 4G LTE Trial in London and how CBNL’s point-to-multipoint microwave technology is backhauling the network behind the scenes.
13 April 2012
This short animation illustrates what wireless point-to-multipoint microwave backhaul is, how it works and the benefits it brings to mobile networks.
13 March 2012
From 256 to 2048QAM: Dr John Naylon discusses the higher-order modulation on show at Mobile World Congress 2012
02 March 2012
At the end of a great week at Mobile World Congress 2012, Dr John Naylon, CTO at CBNL, discusses how wireless backhaul has a key role to play in small cell deployment.
01 March 2012
Dr John Naylon, CTO at CBNL, discusses how point to multipoint wireless backhaul can help operators become more efficient, save costs and bring environmental benefits to their backhaul networks.
10 February 2012
In this set of short videos Monica Paolini, Founder and President of Senza Fili, discusses the key findings from her white paper on 'Crucial economics for mobile data backhaul'.


04 September 2014
5,410Kb pdf
A presentation from John Naylon, CTO at CBNL, given at the Small Cell Zone during Mobile World Congress 2014.
09 December 2013
1,371Kb pdf
Presentation from the 'Crucial backhaul economics' webinar outlining the latest Total Cost of Ownership comparison of backhaul solutions.
05 October 2012
1,343Kb pdf
This presentation provides an overview of deploying multipoint microwave to backhaul a small cell network and was presented by Dr John Naylon, CTO at CBNL, at the Packet Microwave and Backhaul Forum 2012.
13 July 2012
1,251Kb pdf
This was presented by Dr John Naylon, Chief Technology Officer at CBNL, at the Small Cells World Summit 2012 and provides an overview of the small cell backhaul challenges and the role each wireless technology is expected to play.
13 March 2012
1,080Kb pdf
This presentation analyses live customer data which demonstrates the efficiencies intelligent data aggregation technologies can bring to mobile backhaul networks.


01 February 2019
1,858Kb pdf
Delivering 5G FWA connectivity today – the market-leading mmWave FWA solution has just got smarter
25 April 2014
794Kb pdf
The evolution of point-to-multipoint as one of the most efficient and quickest backhaul technologies to deploy.

Case studies

05 December 2017
The network connected over 500 Wi-Fi hot spots, 187 schools and city buildings, 1,000 CCTV cameras and an Intelligent Transport System – whilst reducing telecommunication costs for the city by 60%.
03 August 2016
752Kb pdf
18 July 2016
808Kb pdf
TelePacific upgrades legacy wireless network with VectaStar to quickly scale their award winning fixed wireless services
05 November 2015
288Kb pdf
CBNL in Africa
29 July 2015
398Kb pdf
Switch from leased fibre to licensed PMP increases customer base and profits for Mexican operator
11 November 2014
547Kb pdf
Airtel Kenya and CBNL bring next generation mobile and enterprise access services to Nairobi
11 November 2013
MTN Nigeria upgrades largest regional 3G network with CBNL
03 September 2013
GDS doubles size of VectaStar network to meet high demand for enterprise access services
24 October 2012
CBNL and NEC deliver high capacity enterprise access for QSC
26 July 2012
CBNL backhaul Telefonica O2’s small cell Wi-Fi network
24 April 2012
317Kb pdf
African operator upgrades to HSPA with CBNL.
05 October 2009
Mobily goes point-to-multipoint to backhaul its rapidly expanding 3.75G HSPA network


08 April 2019
204Kb pdf
Full product sheet for CBNL's 5GHz solution