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4G live in London: the backhaul behind the scenes

4G live in London: the backhaul behind the scenes
13 April 2012

In this film we visit Telefonica O2 who discuss their superfast 4G LTE Trial in London and how CBNL’s point-to-multipoint microwave technology is backhauling the network behind the scenes.

We take look at the largest UK LTE trial in action and speak to Rob Joyce, Head of O2's 4G Trial, who explains their objectives and what consumers have to look forward to.

Dr John Naylon, CTO at CBNL, explains our approach to providing the 4G LTE backhaul and how our mobile wireless technology works to manage the data demands of LTE traffic.

Find out more about VectaStar and how it works.

The trial will use the 2.6GHz spectrum band for the LTE Radio Access Network. VectaStar is operating in the 28GHz band and is using its point-to-multipoint technology to backhaul O2’s mobile traffic from multiple cell towers to a single aggregation point.

VectaStar has enabled O2 to build the network very quickly with the backhaul performance needed to evaluate how LTE operates in a dense city like London.

VectaStar is being used by O2 to backhaul over 50% of the network.