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White papers

Crucial economics for mobile data backhaul

Crucial economics for mobile data backhaul
08 November 2011
This white paper from Senza Fili provides a comparison of the key cost drivers across the most widely used backhaul solutions.

The study demonstrates multipoint delivers a 49% cost saving over other forms of backhaul.

Sponsored by CBNL, the 'Crucial economics for mobile data backhaul' white paper presents a financial analysis based on a total cost of ownership model that compares capex and opex of fibre, microwave and E-band PTP, and microwave point-to-multipoint (PMP) backhaul within LTE, 3G, and small-cell networks over a period of five years.

The study demonstrates that PMP mobile data backhaul can deliver a 49% cost saving over PTP, thanks to a more efficient use of spectrum equipment that lowers capex and opex at the same time.

This analysis helps network providers compare and select backhaul solutions for high-density environments which meet their performance requirements whilst minimising costs.

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