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White papers

White papers

31 October 2017
112Kb pdf
The CBNL UK Enterprise Broadband Index 2017 report is based on a survey of 200 businesses and highlights the gap between their connectivity demands and the services they receive.
01 June 2016
An independent study from Real Wireless into the total cost of ownership and time to breakeven of last mile data transport for MNOs and ISPs
18 February 2014
1,452Kb pdf
Understanding how point-to-multipoint wireless backhaul and access solutions improve telecommunication network capacity and efficiency.
30 May 2013
This paper takes stock of industry progress and provides our insight into what’s really driving small cell adoption, the backhaul requirements, best practices and a fundamental analysis of backhaul total cost of ownership.
20 August 2012
An overview of small cell deployment strategies, the implications for backhaul and the most suited solutions.
16 May 2012
An analysis of how mobile operators can lower backhaul Total Cost of Ownership by using wireless backhaul now, and investing in fibre later.
02 December 2011
This white paper analyses the spectral efficiencies of PTP and PMP architectures for mobile broadband backhaul. The analysis shows PMP increases spectral utilisation, resulting in a modal increase in net spectral efficiency of 50%.
08 November 2011
This white paper from Senza Fili provides a comparison of the key cost drivers across the most widely used backhaul solutions. The study demonstrates multipoint delivers a 49% cost saving over other forms of backhaul.
01 April 2011
This paper considers in detail the functions that are performed over the X2 in order to derive performance requirements for the transport networks which will need to carry it.
01 November 2010
585Kb pdf
This report was published by Innovation Observatory Ltd in 2010 and sponsored by Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited.
01 February 2010
2,093Kb pdf
This white paper contains the findings of independent research and analysis carried out by Informa Telecoms & Media between December 2009 and February 2010.
01 January 2008
421Kb pdf
Provides an overview of how VectaStar meets all of the absolute requirements the NGMN Optimised Backhaul Requirements specification and how it conforms to them.