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VectaStar ODU-S

VectaStar ODU-S

VectaStar ODU-S is the market leading licensed PMP microwave platform which is proven in backhauling wide area 2G, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi and enterprise access networks.

VectaStar ODU-S Access Point

VectaStar ODU-S Remote Terminal


  • 10.5GHz (ETSI) 
  • 26GHz (ETSI) 
  • 28GHz (ETSI) 
  • 27GHz (Anatel) 
  • 28GHz (FCC)


  • 300Mbps per sector 
  • 600Mbps per sector (2+0 configuration)
  • Up to 7.2Gbps per hub site

Sector antennas

  • 30 and 90 degree

RT Antennas

  • 20, 30, 60 and 90cm


  • 10.5GHz: 28.6km (typical)
  • 26-28GHz: Up to 20km (typical) with 30 degree sector antenna.


Contact our sales team for more information and product datasheets.